I'm 30 now.
Also, I'm moving to Firefox from Chrome. Wish me luck.

For those who aren't aware, I'm not really on social media anymore. I've been pretty much doing the Hermit thing and making stuff in my spare time and just not showing my face in the usual places anymore.

I feel like turning 30 is a pivotal moment in anyone's life and it makes me personally think about where I'm going in life. I'm not seeing things pacing up the way I like, so I want to buckle down this year and really start to work on stuff on my own without outside influence.

So far it's been pretty much the same thing as usual - difficulties with finishing projects. But, I think one thing I need to learn is to work with the tools I have and their flaws. There's never going to be a language which will work in every way that pleases me, so I just have to bite the bullet and find ways around those flaws.

For instance, in AGK2, arrays work a little like objects, but instead of thearray.length returning the unary value (e.g. 10 indices SHOULD return 10) it instead returns the maximum index that the array can use (in this case 9 - how dumb is that?). I then decided to attempt to make modules to circumvent this issue, but it's becoming a lot more hassle than it's worth, and frankly, this would easy be solved with a simple macro of sorts, which I implemented later as something like:

#constant max length

This way to make it make more sense to me, I could say thearray.max instead of using "length" which lies to anyone who uses it that way. Thaaaaat's programming for you!