Redskull Help
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You've fallen into Hell. You need to escape.

He's watching you. The goal of Redskull is to run away with as many steps as possible. You can accumulate steps by refreshing the page or clicking the picture. If Redskull happens to wake up or start shaking, don't aggravate Him. showing your presence while he is not dormant will immediately kill you.

As time goes on, His restlessness grows. Advance steps as soon as you can, because as seconds go by, Redskull's reaction to your activity will be more frequent.

You may encounter neutral areas or possibly some other skulls which may provide some friendly advice while encountering Redskull. There's no penalty for clicking or refreshing in these spots, but time will still move forward regardless. Use these precious seconds sparingly.

Be sure not to stay still for too long. While Redskull will kill you when He is awake, the demons of Hell will eventually find you if you linger in one spot. (currently unimplemented)

Your progress is saved, so you can close your browser whenever you'd like to take a break. Time does not progress while Redskull is closed. Each refresh will add one second to your timer, so clicking or refreshing before one second elapses is ideal. However, spamming click/refresh will likely get you killed.

This help page is intentionally viewed in a new tab to avoid users from clicking away from the game if Redskull happens to not be dormant.